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Milton Hershey School Admissions Staff Member, Alumna Continues Relationships with Houseparents

By Brie Mundy ’04, MHS Senior Admissions Processor

I believe houseparents have a core place in the lives of our students because they serve not just as role models for the students, but they also help them with all their ups and downs. That is what makes Milton Hershey School so unique. And students often continue their relationships with their houseparents, whether they had them in elementary school, middle school, or high school.

To this day, I have a lasting relationship with my houseparents. I enrolled at MHS in 10th grade. I had roles and responsibilities at my family’s home that most children probably should not have to take on at that early of an age, so that is partly why I came to MHS. My student home quickly understood this when I came to MHS, and they allowed me to be a student. I’m forever grateful for that.

Milton Hershey School alumni Brie Mundy at graduation

I think it’s important for parents/sponsors to have a trusting relationship with MHS staff members. It’s a two-way street. In no way are houseparents here to replace the relationship between students and any parent/sponsor, whether that is a parent, a sibling, or a grandparent. In fact, it allows grandparents or siblings who are sponsors to fulfill that role solely and not have to take on the tasks of being a parent.

I can only imagine being a houseparent has to take a big heart. They are so welcoming from the bottom of their hearts. Our students come from various different backgrounds so it is so important to make everyone feel welcome. They do such a great job with that. And I’m so thankful for my houseparents and all the houseparents that we have on our campus.

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