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How Millennials Are Changing the World

By Eli, an upcoming senior at MHS

Say the word “millennials” to anyone over the age of 40 and watch as a look of disgust falls over their face. Lazy, entitled and selfish are just three of the many words used to describe those of us who were born between 1980 and 2000.

However, I think we can look at things differently. Many millennials are transforming the world we live in. Now more than ever, dreams are being pursued, impact is being created, and the world of business is changing.

The majority of us millennials grew up in a time full of participation awards, high fives, and people telling us that we could be whatever we wanted. Although some individuals argue this has created entitlement, it has led my generation to chase our dreams like none before us. Graduates are now starting their own businesses instead of working for someone else. Silicon Valley, where startups are a dime a dozen, is considered the new Wall Street because of the way it attracts the top graduates. Millennials are craving a nontraditional workplace, one that fosters innovation and divergent thinking while also creating impact.

When millennials buy a product, we want to purchase an idea and invest into society. Previous generations may be quick to take the best deal, but millennials would rather pay more for a product that is helping the world. This seemingly small change in thinking has completely transformed the world of business.

Many corporations are adopting triple bottom lines and focusing on corporate social responsibility, such as donating a pair of shoes for every pair they sell. Companies like Hershey Entertainment & Resorts and The Hershey Company mentor students like me at Milton Hershey School and lead by example. Millennials, more than any other generation, are thinking about products and companies in terms of impact.

We are following our dreams, initiating change, and transforming how business is done. So sit back, fasten your seatbelt, and watch as we continue to redefine the world.

Eli enrolled at MHS in fourth grade from Pittsburgh, PA.

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