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Making the Choice to Give Back

By Tristan, a junior at MHS

Tristan, an MHS juniorThis July, I was given the opportunity to participate in the domestic service learning trip along with my peers. Before I signed up for the trip, I viewed the opportunity as a way to make new friends, improve my communication skills, and give back to another community just like Milton Hershey has done for us.

Before the trip, I never willingly did community service. I would do it if it was mandatory or if I would benefit with some type of reward, but this time, I went on the trip through my own choice.

Throughout the domestic service learning experience, I learned I could take something from the trip and apply it to my life. My perspective of communities and life itself changed. I learned that the smallest contribution you can give to a community or person can be very impactful. I learned this because when we went to the community center and finished our tasks, some of the ladies who worked there shed tears of joy because of what we did. I had the mindset that gardening and painting walls weren’t too serious, but afterwards, our chaperones told us how good we did and how much we impacted the community center.

MHS students give back through domestic service learning trip

From this experience, I plan to willingly help people and give back to any community. I also plan to be more grateful.

Through stories and observations I made, a lot of people don’t have what I do or even have the opportunity to come to MHS. I have learned to stay more humble, appreciative, and grateful.

I would encourage other students to give back to their communities to exemplify Milton Hershey’s values. Not only will you impact someone’s life, but you’ll learn things that you can apply to your life forever.

Tristan enrolled at MHS in seventh grade from Woodbridge, Virginia.

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