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How I Found Myself Through Serving Others

By Desirea, a senior at MHS

From a young age, I was always interested in helping others. I was raised in a house full of children – there are currently seven kids and one on the way. I’m always helping out around the house and watching my siblings when I’m home. My efforts have allowed my mom to work and save money by not hiring a babysitter. I think I was blessed with a serving heart, and being the oldest sibling in my family helped a lot. I grew to love serving others.

As a student at Milton Hershey School, I took advantage of as many opportunities as possible to lend a helping hand. I have gone on two mission trips, and I’m excited to go on another this summer. My first mission trip resonated with me the most. As a freshman in high school, I took a trip all the way down to New Orleans. I was introduced to new settings, and while I was extremely nervous, I finally began to break out of my shell.

MHS Day of service 2015

I was able to talk to others and create lifelong memories. I vividly remember the group going to a nearby elementary school and repainting the gym and its benches. The school was not enclosed, which meant the hallways were more likely to get weathered and damaged.

I was humbled that we were making tangible and positive differences in children’s lives. This helped me realize my service not only makes others happy, but also brings tremendous joy to me.

If asked, I would tell others not to waste opportunities to serve others. It will bless them and those around them in so many life-changing ways.

Life works in mysterious ways, and sometimes the best things happen when they are least expected. Service has been instrumental in helping me learn who I am as a person. Whether minuscule or monumental, I know my life and others’ lives will benefit from service driven by kindness and compassion.

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