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A New Beginning

By Quinn, an MHS senior

Graduation (grad·u·a·tion) noun  1. a memorable, emotional, euphoric day of receiving a diploma and saying goodbye to a place we called home.

Graduation is not only a ceremony where we receive an academic degree or diploma, but it’s a new beginning. It is the day we reflect with joy, say farewell to our past, and embrace our glowing future as alumni of the beautiful school that molded us.

Quinn, an MHS senior, prepares for graduation.As a student at Milton Hershey School for eight years, I’ve been able to experience and learn many new things through the guidance of the role models at this school. Through my involvements in athletics, clubs, and international travel, I have been sculpted into a motivated, goal-oriented person.

In the summer of 2016, I traveled to Ghana along with 16 other students. In Ghana, I was able to refine my character after being exposed to people suffering from poverty and hardship. These people demonstrated genuine qualities and kept an optimistic and joyous outlook on life despite their circumstances. That experience has humbled me beyond belief.

As I prepare to graduate from MHS, a mixture of emotions overwhelms me. Since the fifth grade, I have been surrounded by the beautiful scent of chocolate, more than 1,500 MHS brothers and sisters, and a community of adults who care. After graduation, I will be leaving this welcoming environment and going into the real world.

I plan to use the experiences and lessons I have acquired in Ghana and at MHS to propel me forward by remaining humble, dedicated, and optimistic.

For my younger brothers and sisters at Milton Hershey School, I encourage you to take advantage of everything you’re able to do at this school. These years of high school pass by in a blur, and it’s vital to do everything you can such as travel internationally, join sports and clubs, find your passion, and find yourself. Stay determined and keep enhancing yourself to become the best version of yourself.

Time goes by faster than you believe, so it’s important to start pursuing your dreams today. When it’s time for you to graduate, you’ll be ready for your life after MHS.

Quinn enrolled at MHS in fifth grade from Chester, Pennsylvania.

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