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College and Career Readiness

Milton Hershey School has a deep commitment to helping students transition successfully to life after graduation. Our Graduate Programs for Success Division supports high schoolers with college and career readiness and beyond. See how GPS assists both students and alumni.

A Milton Hershey School GPS counselor meets with two high school students to review postgraduate plans.

Graduate Programs for Success

College and career readiness is a hallmark of our school. The school’s GPS staff provides each student with the resources and preparation they need to feel confident in their path. GPS offers three core services.

  • Navigating the choice between college and career
  • Providing higher education support during the college years
  • Keeping them connected to each other and the school as alumni

College or Career?

Students start preparing for the future on the day they arrive at MHS, and GPS is the driving force. Elementary students develop key skills and confidence. Career development begins in Middle Division. Senior Division students have increased support, including:

  • Access to internships, co-ops, and/or pre-apprenticeships
  • Ability to gain certifications
  • Access to taking advanced courses
  • Ability to earn college credits
  • Chance of accruing up to $95,000 in scholarship funding over four years of high school. This can be used for college or career learning.

Whether interested in college or career, MHS students are ready when the time comes to make a choice. See how we help them.

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A Milton Hershey School student wears an Army shirt on senior t-shirt day to show his postgraduate plans.

Personalized Support

Every student’s path to success is different. GPS supports soon-to-be graduates and MHS alumni with one-on-one support. Counselors work to identify students’ strengths, interests, and skill sets. This helps them develop a unique graduation plan that leads to career success.

Students are able to explore the choices ahead of them. No matter their desired next step, they are supported in getting there. Our students graduate ready for college, career/technical school, the military, or the workforce.

Interested in reviewing postsecondary resources? Seeing how we support our young graduates? Exploring details of the Continuing Education Scholarship? We’re here to help.

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Services through College and Career Counseling

MHS provides targeted college and career counseling services to guide and nurture students in fulfilling higher education goals. The College and Career Counseling department hosts many events for students. Here, students learn how to network, interact, and communicate with professionals. They also learn about the college application process and the different types of college and university environments.

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Read full details about services provided to MHS students.

Expert Counselor Support

College and career counselors support students by:

  • Developing plans for life after graduation. These include college, workforce, or military aspirations
  • Completing course scheduling and academic planning
  • Connecting students with college, career, and military representatives
  • Reviewing college and career resources
  • Helping students complete career assessments
  • Assisting students with the college application process
  • Guiding students through the college financial aid application process
  • Writing letters of recommendation
  • Assisting with resume development
  • Monitoring and reviewing high school graduation requirements
  • Providing academic support, including planning and study skills
  • Helping to navigate Continuing Education Scholarship money
  • Providing assistance with pursuing athletics involvement in college
  • Helping to understand partner college offerings
  • Assisting with PSAT/SAT registration, preparation, and testing
  • Reviewing industry-specific career development resources

Events to Explore Options

  • College and Career Day
  • College and Career Fair
  • Job shadowing
  • Career and military panels
  • Summer enrichment camps
  • On-site college representatives
  • College visits

Explore the Graduate Programs for Success Division

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Milton Hershey School's Vice President of Graduate Programs for Success signs a partnership agreement with Mount St. Mary's University.

Higher Education Partnerships

MHS has signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) with 20+ colleges, universities, and technical schools. This is part of our commitment to student success following graduation. Each MOU formalizes and expands the partnership between the two schools. It provides focused and sustained support to low-income students. MHS students will receive more support through academic coaching, student engagement resources, and retention support.

A Milton Hershey School graduate high fives a classmate during Commencement.

Staying Connected after Graduation

The experiences students have at MHS don’t just fade away after graduation. We work to keep MHS alumni engaged with our school and each other. From alumni volunteer activities to special events, our graduates always have a way to connect with their MHS family. Through alumni awards, special profiles, and alumni communications, we celebrate our graduates’ many successes.

Learn How MHS Engages AlumniRead Alumni Success Stories

Milton Hershey School does not discriminate in admissions or other programs and services on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, sex, religious creed or disability. Read important MHS policies on equal opportunity and diversity, equal employment opportunity, and more.