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    Milton Hershey School Releases 2015-2016 Annual Report

    Milton Hershey School is pleased to present its 2015-2016 annual report of our students’ success. Sections include current information about the school including enrollment figures, academic growth and alumni achievements. You also will learn more about our whole child approach to educating and caring for students from lower income families.

    Brown & Gold Report

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    Every Child Deserves a Top-Notch Education and Successful Future

    At Milton Hershey School, every child deserves a top-notch education with small class sizes, one-on-one instruction, access to the latest technology, and opportunities to earn scholarships towards continuing education. All of these things come at no cost to the children’s families. Our goal is to help students lead productive, successful futures. Learn more about the admissions process.

    MHS Admissions

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    How Schools Can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty: A Whole Child Approach

    More than 16 million children in the United States—nearly one out of four—live below the federal poverty level with their families earning less than $23,550 annually. These low-income households face many challenges, from lacking economic resources, to little or no access to health and wellness care. Read the white paper, “How Schools Can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty: A Whole Child Approach” to gain valuable insight into the specific challenges children from poverty face.

    Read the White Paper

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    Accessible and Engaging STEAM Curriculum

    Milton Hershey School students learn in an environment where teachers have confidence in them, and believe every student has the ability and aptitude to excel within a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education. We work to make our STEAM curriculum engaging and accessible for diverse learners. Learn more about the academic programs at MHS.

    MHS Academics

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    Building Successful Leaders and Global Citizens

    Our social and emotional learning program, otherwise known as The Compass Project, is designed to help students of all grade levels develop strong character in and out of the classroom. Through monthly lessons in the student home and in-classroom activities that connect to the school’s mission, students learn what it means to be a successful leader, respectful friend, and empathetic citizen. Learn more about our SEL program.

    SEL Program

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    Preparing Students for College and Career

    Milton Hershey School has a deep commitment to helping students transition to life after graduation. From college planning and visits to co-op programs and internships, we are dedicated to making sure each student has the resources and preparation they need to feel confident in their career path and post-secondary life. Our career counselors work with high school students to develop plans for achieving their long-term goals. Learn more about how we’re promoting college and career readiness.

    College and Career Readiness

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    Start a Life-Changing Career at MHS

    Milton Hershey School employees shape the lives of students they serve every day. With diverse skills and experiences, we all go the extra mile to provide students with the support they need to reach their full potential. From houseparents and teachers to groundskeepers and food service workers, working at MHS allows us to be true difference makers. View a list of open positions.

    Careers at MHS