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Business/Financial Management & Accounting

Business/Financial Management & Accounting Career Pathway

Students develop leadership skills and work with technology to prepare for carers in finance, marketing, advertising, sales, management and entrepreneurship. Learn more about Milton Hershey School’s Business/Financial Management & Accounting career pathway.

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The Business/Financial Management and Accounting pathway empowers students to take control of their future by equipping them with the classroom instruction, hands-on training, work experiences, and mentorship needed to become tomorrow’s business leaders. Students develop skills and knowledge they can use for careers in finance, marketing, advertising, sales, management, and entrepreneurship.

The curriculum combines business processes, technology, and ethics to create a firm foundation for students to build upon.

Industry Partnerships

MHS partners with industry professionals, who serve as mentors and guest speakers, to help students understand the bigger purpose of their classroom lessons. The award-winning Hershey Honors Business program connects honors students with subject matter experts from The Hershey Company to explore the inner workings of the Fortune 500 company. Students meet with these experts once a week to learn about employees’ roles, understand how their functions support the organization, and gain an awareness of corporate challenges and successes.


Students can select specific courses that are in line with their business interests, such as accounting or marketing. They also have the opportunity to leave campus with nine college credits they can transfer to a postsecondary institution. Accounting 2, Principles of Management, and Modern Business Organizations are college credit courses taught by college-certified instructors and professors in MHS classrooms.

Participating in SkillsUSA competitions gives business students an additional outlet to build and hone the presentation skills they will use in their careers. To prepare for the SkillsUSA contest, students collaborate with MHS staff members who mentor them throughout the year.

An MHS student reflects on his internship with The Hershey Trust Company.

“I got to experience what a real business work environment was like. I also learned new accounting methods.”

Olayiwola Oladipo ’18
on his internship at the Hershey Trust Company

Setting Students Up for Success

Through hands-on learning and professional experience, students gain technical business knowledge and employability skills.

A Milton Hershey School student learns about business through an internship with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts.

Core Skills

  • Ability to think technically
  • Communication and public speaking
  • Interest in consumer trends
Milton Hershey School students work with employees from Hershey Entertainment & Resorts on marketing strategies.

Future Career Options

  • Accountant or finance manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Entrepreneur
A Milton Hershey School student learns about business during his Hershey Entertainment & Resorts internship.

Certification Options

  • 9 College credits
  • 25 Industry-recognized certifications
  • Microsoft Office Specialist-EXCEL
  • Microsoft Office Specialist-WORD
  • EverFi™ Venture Entrepreneurial Expedition

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