Brown & Gold Annual Report 2022-23 Brown & Gold Annual Report 2022-23


State of the School

For the last several school years, we have adapted our program and work style to ensure our community was safe during the constant unpredictability of a pandemic. During the 2022-23 school year, we seized the opportunity to get back to the basics and reset expectations—all with the intention of winning each day with a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

We kicked off the school year with our first in-person Opening of School Assembly since 2019. This incredible, high-energy event launched the new school year theme “Day 1 ... Day WON” and set the tone for the months ahead.

With a focus on winning each day, students and staff practiced daily habits that led to transformational change across campus. This was guided by our Deed of Trust Framework, which ties student expectations and outcomes to our founders’ vision for their home and school. Through this model, our students grew their character and leadership skills and found new purpose and connection through community service projects focused on School, country, and God.

Students also found success on athletic fields, visual and performing arts stages and studios, and in their classrooms. These everyday wins helped position us to achieve new milestones within our five-year strategic plan—the MILT Plan. This included reaching our largest enrollment since 2019, completing renovations to Founders Hall, expanding career-focused education opportunities, and growing our connections with community partners and Hershey entities—companies also founded by Mr. Hershey.

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this mission as we continue to impact the lives of more children and families through the Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning Centers that were announced in 2022-23. None of this would have been possible without the dedication of our staff and the support of our community in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Peter G. Gurt ’85 MHS President
Day Won - This is MHS

A Tribute to Our Founders

Day 1

Milton and Catherine Hershey had no idea that the home and school they started in 1909 would one day serve thousands of students and graduates. MHS is their legacy, but it wasn’t the start of their story. Throughout their lives, Milton and Catherine encountered many Day 1 moments—instances when reflection, hard work, and resilience were necessary to begin a new journey—to reach a Day WON.


Milton at Joseph Royer’s Lancaster confectionery shop

Milton becomes an apprentice at Joseph Royer’s Lancaster confectionery shop and discovers candymaking.


Dealer in fine confectionery, fruits, nuts & candy

Milton establishes his first candy business. It is unsuccessful and ends in bankruptcy.


Photo of a cow

Milton learns the secret—fresh milk makes good candy.


Lancaster Caramel Company

After two previous business failures, Milton starts the Lancaster Caramel Company, proving his hard work paid off.


Old photo of Hershey Chocolate Company building

The Hershey Chocolate Company is founded and produces its first product: HERSHEY’S Cocoa.


Milton S. Hershey and Catherine Sweeney

Milton Hershey and Catherine Sweeney marry in New York City.


Milton Hershey School Deed

November 15: Milton and Catherine Hershey sign the Deed of Trust establishing the Hershey Industrial School (now Milton Hershey School).


Milton Hershey School building photo

The first four boys are admitted to the school. They live and learn in The Homestead.

Day Won

Milton and Catherine set an example of determination and courage. Their work ethic and commitment serves as a daily reminder to the more than 2,000 students and 11,000 alumni of what it means to persevere through challenges, missteps, and failures on the way to success. Their Day 1s have led to many Days WON for our school community.


HERSHEY’s Chocolate Bar Label

HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bars are introduced, making milk chocolate affordable to the masses.


Old photo of students in front of kinderhaus

Kinderhaus opens as the first dedicated student home. Today, this building is home to our school archives.


Milton Hershey posing for photograph with kids

Mr. Hershey transfers his fortune into a trust ensuring the school will operate in perpetuity.


Cocoa Bean football Souvenir program

First Cocoa Bean football game played between MHS and Hershey High School, a tradition that continues today.


Photo of Milton Hershey School kids from years ago

Deed of Trust is updated over the years to reflect an evolving society, including admission of girls and students of color.


Catherine Hershey School students

The four Sacred Values are adopted: mutual respect, integrity, positive spirit, and commitment to mission.


Catherine Hershey School student smiling for photo

MHS reaches a record-setting enrollment of 2,189 students—the largest in the school’s 110-plus year history.


Catherine Hershey School Building

The Early Childhood Education Initiative, named Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning, is announced to expand the impact of Milton and Catherine’s mission to help more children.


Renovation of Founders Hall

Originally dedicated as a monument to Milton and Catherine Hershey in 1970, the building required updates and modernization to meet the needs of the school today. Following a five-year renovation, Founders Hall now weaves together historic artifacts and moments in time with modern upgrades and features, including an interactive Visitors Center, upgraded meeting areas and office spaces, a redesigned dining hall for students, and a state-of-the-art auditorium.

The grand opening festivities were organized so the MHS community had an opportunity to appreciate and utilize the spaces before reopening to the public. The first event was the Founders Hall Rededication on Sept. 28, 2022, for MHS students, staff, alumni, and select community members. The public reopening took place on March 4, 2023.


Catherine Hershey Rose

The new Catherine Hershey “Perfectly Peach” Rose was planted at MHS, Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning (CHS), and Hershey Gardens. The peach-colored rose was a collaboration between CHS and Hershey Gardens. It is a reminder of the important role Catherine Hershey has had in changing the lives of children at MHS, and now CHS.

Sign in a garden detailing the Catherine Hershey Rose
Photo of the Catherine Hershey Rose
Ribbon Cutting inside Founders Hall
The vision of Milton and Catherine Hershey was to create a home and school that would exist in perpetuity, never fully understanding how big their school would grow and how big of an impact it would have.
Pete Gurt ’85 MHS President
Inside ceiling view of Founders Hall
Deed of Trust Exhibit at Founders Hall
People posing for photo in Founders Hall

Our Students

Like our students, Mr. Hershey experienced poverty throughout his youth. And like Mr. Hershey, our students are determined to not let their past circumstances define them. At MHS, students have access to opportunities and experiences that expand their worldview, allow them to try new things, and break the cycle of poverty on their way to their Day WON.

Achieving the highest enrollment since 2019, Milton Hershey School welcomed 443 new students to our community during the 2022-23 school year, hitting our peak school-year enrollment of 2,020 in January of 2023.

To ensure students are ready and equipped for the start of their MHS journey, there are many programs and supports in place to help them adjust to their new environment. As a result, our 2022-23 new student retention rate was 94.1%.

51% Female 49% Male

Where Students Come From

MHS students come from all over the United States. Of the more than 2,000 students who attended MHS during the 2022-23 school year, 40 states were represented. More than half of all students (68%) were from Pennsylvania, with nearly one-quarter from Dauphin, Lebanon, or Lancaster counties. Students enroll at MHS for a variety of reasons, and our Admissions team works closely with parents and sponsors to help them navigate the application journey and decision-making process.

Coming from West Virginia, Molli Hogbin ’23 learned about MHS when a member of the Admissions team hosted an event in her hometown. After learning about the opportunities that were available to students with all costs covered, Molli knew she needed to become a Spartan to further develop her passion for basketball.

Spending the summers at MHS playing basketball, I was able to develop skills, and even be seen by college coaches.
Molli Hogbin Class of 2023
MHS Geography Map MHS Ethnicity Chart
MHS New Students Chart

The Helping Our New Enrollees Succeed Together (H.O.N.E.S.T.) program is a student-led initiative run by the Student Government Association (SGA) that partners Senior Division students with new enrollees. Natalia Miller and Brianna Kapel created a strong friendship that helped Natalia adjust quickly to MHS.

Brianna Kapel and Natalia Miller
It’s important to remind new students that they have people around them who support them. It also gives them something to look forward to because it can be hard and stressful those first weeks because you’re missing your family.
Brianna Kapel Class of 2023

New Spartan Academy is a program designed by the MHS Family Relations team to help students prepare for their first day of school. The activities allow students to make friends, establish relationships with caring adults, and adjust to the new living and learning environment at MHS.

New Spartan Academy Students
New beginnings can foster both excitement and fear—especially for children. Milton Hershey School is dedicated to ensuring that new students have the best possible start at our school.
Alyssa Hostetter MHS Family Relations and New Student Transitions Counselor
MHS boys posing for photo
MHS New Students Chart
Two MHS students in front of school building
Average Family Income Chart Student Population Chart

Whole Child Care

At an age when they should be learning, growing, and trying new things, our students—like many children living in poverty—are impacted by factors outside of their control, such as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), family dynamics, learning difficulties, food insecurity, and more.

More than half of all new students enrolled during the 2022-23 school year experienced three or more ACEs, and 94% experienced one or more stressors. To help address these realities, Milton Hershey School’s whole child approach provides every student with exceptional care in a safe and nurturing environment so they can be kids. Our students receive support with all costs covered—this includes medical and dental care, food, clothing, shelter, and psychological, behavioral, and social work services, as well as access to extracurricular activities and resources that allow them to explore their passions.

MHS is open year round to meet the needs of the students and families we serve. Students can return to their home communities during breaks, holidays, and in the summer. However, many do remain on campus and continue to be cared for and supported and participate in fun and educational activities.

MHS staff member holding a book

ACEs and Other Stressors that Impact New MHS Students*

  • Mental health issues in their family
  • Incarceration of a family member
  • Family drug or alcohol issues
  • Witnessed domestic violence
  • Attended three or more schools before MHS
  • Homelessness
  • Food insecurity

* From the 2022-23 MHS New Student Profile Database that tracks ACEs and over 120 risk factors.

Impacts of ACEs

Health icon
Chronic health problems, mental illness, and substance misuse in adulthood
Down Arrow icon
Decreased education and job opportunities
Brain icon
Toxic stress that affects attention, decision-making, learning, and response to stress
Money Bag icon
Significant economic and social costs to families, communities, and society
THe Number 5 icon
ACEs linked to five of the top 10 leading causes of death

Of Newly Enrolled Students in 2022-23

94% 53%
Glasses Icon
1,636 eyeglasses for students
Eye Chart Icon
1,253 eye exams performed in the MHS eye clinic
Tooth Icon
14,044 visits for dental services 53,000 procedures by MHS dental services
House Icon
25,467 nurse and pediatrician visits in school clinics and in MHS Health Center treatment rooms
Immunization Icon
3,501 immunizations administered

Charter Bus Program

During the 2022-23 school year, the Charter Bus program returned to provide transportation for hundreds of students across Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New England, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., and more during the school’s five major breaks. This ensures that students stay connected to their families and home communities during their time at MHS. Support for the whole child continues as MHS staff serve as bus monitors on board each charter bus to care for the needs of the students and get them ready to reunite with their families.

MHS students posing for photo on a bus
Hilda Dimopoulos with student
Over the years, I have had the privilege of getting to know the families of our students who ride on my bus route. I get to be a small part of their time at MHS, growing relationships with students I wouldn’t normally get to know and their families.
Hilda Dimopoulos MHS Administrative Assistant and Charter Bus Monitor Read More about the Impact of the Charter Bus Program

Year-Round Experiences

For those who choose to stay on campus, the Year-Round Experiences (YRE) program operates when school is not in session to create opportunities for students to continue to learn and explore their interests while still having fun and creating memories at MHS. During the 2022-23 school year, more than 40% of all MHS students participated in at least one YRE activity. In the summer of 2023, each week’s instruction and activities focused on different themes. With the help of community organizations and Hershey entity partners, students went on field trips and learned from industry experts about various career fields. Also, in the Elementary and Middle Divisions, students could sign up for specific sports camps to try new activities. In Senior Division, student athletes had opportunities to attend camps off campus to further develop their skills.

YRE Stats

School Year Success

From their very first day on campus, our students receive support to navigate life at MHS and beyond. Our staff and the opportunities students receive play an integral role in their journeys from Day 1 to Day WON. Success may look different for each student, but we strive to ensure that they have a strong moral compass to guide them.

Our Pledge in Action

In 1909, Milton S. Hershey and his wife Catherine signed the Deed of Trust, creating our school. Their intentions were clear: to create a home and school where opportunity and hard work meet. More than 113 years later, this intention still rings true.

The guiding principles found in the Deed of Trust shine through our Sacred Values and School Pledge. These words create the foundation for our culture of excellence.

In 2022-23, students and staff completed more than 2,000 community service projects in the areas of School, country, and God.

School Pledge

I will keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

I will keep my standards high and help others to do likewise.

In my relations with others, I will live by the Golden Rule and will speak the truth at all times.

I pledge myself to honor, and to do all I can for the good of my School, my country, and my God.

Service to School

Students and staff completed service projects on the MHS campus to inspire gratitude and give back to our home and school. This included volunteering with younger students and participating in a schoolwide cleanup day.

MHS student sanding a chair

Service to Country

From writing letters to active-duty military personnel to volunteering at Fort Indiantown Gap Cemetery, our community found unique ways to thank those serving our country.

MHS students placing wreaths in a cemetery

Service to God

Moral and faith-based teaching is an important part of the MHS curriculum. Students and staff engaged with diverse communities of faith by giving time to various organizations and causes.

MHS students preparing items for charity

Putting Futures First

MHS curriculum allows students to find their career passions inside and outside the classroom. From Elementary Division career exposure opportunities to college course offerings in high school, every student can find their path to Day WON at MHS. During the 2022-23 school year, 215 students completed authentic work experiences by taking part in internships, co-ops, or pre-apprenticeships to get on-the-job experience in a career field of their interest.

It is our job to make sure that every MHS student has the skills to be successful in a modern workforce. This is only possible through valued partnerships and dedicated professionals who offer experiences for our students to learn by doing. Throughout the school year, MHS engaged in a partnership with World of Outlaws, a dirt track racing organization that provided students interested in automotive technology a chance to work on real race cars and learn from professional driving teams at the track. They brought the racing industry to our entire school community and honored our founders’ intent with the first Hershey Sprint Car Experience.

MHS students and teacher at a work bench
MHS student in a race car at a World of Outlaws event MHS students posing by race car at a World of Outlaws event
Rayshawn Shuler at a World of Outlaws event
The World of Outlaws opportunities helped grow my interest in cars. Prior to this year, I had never been to a race. This experience expanded my goals.
Rayshawn Shuler Class of 2023 Learned from World of Outlaws driver Brock Zearfoss Read More about Rayshawn Shuler
252 high school students earned college credits during 2022-23 215 students completed authentic work experiences 52 students traveled internationally during the 2022-23 school year

Student Voices

At MHS, our students have opportunities to expand their worldview, be a part of impactful conversations, and influence the communities around them. They use their gifts, talents, and time to give back, compete at high levels, create works of art, and explore different cultures.

MHS has fostered a love of learning from others’ experiences in me and allowed me to lead in ways I wouldn’t have been able to, had I not enrolled at the school.
Beautifull Pyatt Class of 2023 Interned at The Hershey Company and participated in the SGA Leadership Conference Read More about how Milton Hershey School Students Become Leaders by Learning from Others
Beautifull Pyatt
Job interviewing is one of the first steps toward making a good impression in the professional world. Developing these skills will aid me in preparing for challenging interviews at financial institutions.
Coleman Vaughan Class of 2023 Competed in SkillsUSA, placed first at Districts and advanced to Nationals Read More about how Milton Hershey School Students Earn Honors at State SkillsUSA Competition
Coleman Vaughan
I can clearly recall the first time I ever picked up a tool to fix something. I got the feeling that my life’s calling was to work in hands-on ways to help others.
Jocelynn Crist
The swim team has given me experiences and tools I can use to grow in any area of my life. It has allowed me to understand myself and my abilities and given me a place where I can try new tactics on different problems to find the best solution.
Conner Darnofall Class of 2023 Captained the swim team Read More about how Milton Hershey School Student Embraces Learning How to Swim
Conner Darnofall
A good start is helpful in winning success, but in order to accomplish the greater things one must master the small things, and that is what we want to do here, give you a sound education, and teach you a trade.
Milton S. Hershey 1927

How We Rank

ED – Economically Disadvantaged
Source: Spring 2023 Pennsylvania Keystone Exams State Content Area Summary Report


  • MHS
  • PA – All Testers
  • PA-ED


  • %
  • %
  • %
  • MHS
  • PA – All Testers
  • PA-ED

English Language Arts

  • %
  • %
  • %
  • MHS
  • PA – All Testers
  • PA-ED


  • %
  • %
  • %


  • MHS
  • PA – All Testers
  • PA-ED

Algebra 1

  • %
  • %
  • %
  • MHS
  • PA – All Testers
  • PA-ED


  • %
  • %
  • %
  • MHS
  • PA – All Testers
  • PA-ED


  • %
  • %
  • %

Class of 2023

The members of the Class of 2023 celebrated a monumental Day WON when they crossed the Commencement stage, accepting their diplomas and completing their MHS journey. Rising above the challenges they faced starting high school during the height of the pandemic, these 218 seniors demonstrated their perseverance and grit to graduate. These young graduates bring the total number of MHS alumni to 11,655.

This class displayed their commitment to MHS and the high expectations charged in the School Pledge to “do all I can for the good of my School, my country, and my God.” With more than 4,700 community service hours completed, members of the Class of 2023 were leaders on and off campus and in the community, taking on projects with organizations such as Ronald McDonald House and Cocoa Packs or volunteering their time to help younger students. They remained committed to their studies, and more than 83% are planning to pursue a four-year, two-year, or training program to further their education.

Postsecondary Choices
MHS has erased the limits, the excuses, and the boundaries to us pursuing our dreams.
Maia Marrero Class of 2023

Senior Accomplishments

Day 1: Growing Up at MHS

At MHS, students who enroll in pre-K, kindergarten, or first grade earn the distinction of being a “lifer” once they complete their schooling and graduate. The Class of 2023 included 18 lifers and 62 other students who enrolled in elementary school.

Being a lifer, or a Milt, is a title that I get to keep for the rest of my life. My experiences here are what shaped me into the person I am today.
Darrin Okyere-darko as a child
Darrin Okyere-darko at an adult
The Class of 2023 knows how to rise and move forward. No matter our stories, we use what we go through as motivation rather than excuses.
Savannah Miller Class of 2023
MHS students showing off rings at graduation
MHS student standing next to ring sculpture

Day WON: The Class Ring

In the fall of 2022, students were surprised to see a new feature outside the Founders Hall dining room—a larger-than-life replica of the MHS Class Ring. For Karleigh Hunter ’23, seeing the ring display brings about many emotions, the most important being gratitude.

This special ring represents not only the end of our journey through MHS, but also the beginning of a new one. It reminds me that looking back can be just as important as looking forward.

Life After MHS

From Day 1 at MHS, students are preparing for their futures. Whether their goals are to further their education, enlist in the military, or enter the world of work, the MHS Graduate Programs for Success (GPS) Division, works closely with our students to develop a personalized plan to achieve a Day WON.

MHS student with Dickinson college sweatshirt MHS student with holding degree MHS student with Navy representative MHS student with Brown University sweatshirt
Infographic on campus and college visits On average, MHS students not only attend, but stay in college at higher rates than their peers.

Achieving Day WON:
Spartan Success Stories

Pedro Rodriguez ’18 found the skills for lifelong success on the basketball court at MHS. After playing for Penn State Harrisburg and taking advantage of internship opportunities at MHS, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R), and The Hershey Company, he landed his first job working with a Hershey entity partner and now gives back to the school as a coach.

Whether it’s working, volunteering, or coaching, I want to be a part of the mission to give back for everything I’ve been given. No matter where I am, I will always be an ambassador for MHS. It changed my life.
Pedro Rodriguez Class of 2018
Pedro Rodriguez with MHS coach

Rasheeda McLean ’11 used the foundation she built at MHS to become a skilled leader in early childhood education. Taking inspiration from her teachers and houseparents, she found a passion for impacting the lives of young children through teaching which led her to start her own childhood learning center. Now, she serves as the assistant director at an early learning center in Philadelphia.

Rasheeda Mclean
Milton Hershey School is my foundation. The people who supported me at the school became my backbone. I’m already standing on solid ground because of what they’ve done for me.
Rasheeda Mclean Class of 2011

Michele Y. Smith ’90 credits the philanthropic culture at MHS with shaping everything she does personally and professionally. Michele has used the resiliency and other skills she developed at MHS to chart a successful career in finance roles with organizations focused on community, including as chief financial officer of the Woodland Park Zoo. Today, as the chief executive officer for the Museum of Pop Culture, she continues to make an impact on the Seattle community through purpose-driven work that makes education and culture accessible to marginalized groups.

Michele Y. Smith
I am a product of philanthropy. I understand the importance of this work, and for me, building a purpose-driven culture is following the same work of our MHS founders.
Michele Y. Smith Class of 1990

Day 1 ... Day Won

The 2022-23 school year theme—Day 1 ... Day WON—challenged our community to think about the MHS journey. What can individuals and the MHS community do on Day 1 to reach their fullest potential, also known as their Day WON?

From Enrollment Day to graduation day and beyond, MHS students have the unwavering support of more than 2,000 staff and members of the wider Hershey community who show up every day to ensure our students have the resources, encouragement, and opportunity to achieve their goals.

More Than a Job

Some of the first people new students meet on their Enrollment Day at MHS are their houseparents. These individuals play a critical role in each child’s journey. They provide a consistent, family-like structure upon which students come to rely. By creating a positive living environment, houseparents establish trusting relationships with the students in their care and partner with parents and sponsors.

Every employee invests in the lives of our students. Just like MHS is not a traditional school, MHS is also not a typical workplace. Our staff spends quality time with students and becomes a trusted support system as students learn, grow, and find their passions.

We have had the privilege to witness the small moments of excitement and growth in our students’ lives, while also teaching hard and important lessons in caring and loving ways.
Karen Washington
I have two families, two sets of parents, that both love me. In the end, it all comes together—one big family.
Sam Ademuwagun Fourth Grader Sam with his mother, housemother, and siblings who also are MHS students
I went into teaching because I had a passion for working with students, but being able to help them develop their skills outside the classroom emphasizes that passion even more.
Heather Dougherty MHS Teacher and Swim Coach Read More about how Heather Dougherty love her job
Heather Dougherty

Making a Difference

Project Fellowship

Pairing employees from our Hershey community partners and MHS departments with student homes, Project Fellowship creates a sense of connection for our students. Through fun activities, enjoying meals together, and field trips, MHS students have positive role models they can look up to, while the staff groups are reminded of the shared “One Hershey” philosophy of our organizations.

113 student homes participated in Project Fellowship

One Hershey

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R), The Hershey Company, Hershey Trust Company, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, and The M.S. Hershey Foundation go above and beyond to bring their work, expertise, and connections to MHS students. The work of these organizations expands the impact of our founders.

From internships and authentic work experiences to classroom visits and mentorship, adults from various departments and disciplines take time out of their busy schedules to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Ribbon Cutting inside Founders Hall
Just that extra person in the world can mean the world. It could make a big difference.
Jenna Allencastre-Doersom Class of 2023 Mentored by Liz Martinec from Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Read More about how Milton Hershey School expands mentor program

HE&R Employees Join M.O.L.D.

New for the 2022-23 school year, 23 employees from HE&R supported students as mentors in the Mentoring Our Leaders’ Development (M.O.L.D.) program. Mentors and mentees meet often to spend time and volunteer together and share advice and perspective on life.

MHS Celebrates Traditions at The Hershey Company

In the summer of 2023, nearly 30 students completed an internship at The Hershey Company. They listened to speakers from each department, gained professional skills, learned about teamwork, and shared how Mr. Hershey’s work has impacted lives locally and globally for more than 100 years. To celebrate the new opportunities and kick off the summer internship program, MHS students participated in the time-honored bellringing ceremony.

MHS students celebrating

We’re here to celebrate the big wins and the little wins that are propelling our business forward. There is nothing better than being associated with Milton Hershey School, and it really puts a spring in our step.
Charles Raup The Hershey Company President of U.S. Confection
78 students completed internships at Hershey entities/community partners in 2022-23

Our Future In Focus

Significant progress was made in the third year of the MILT Plan, our five-year strategic plan, which outlines the ways we will expand and uphold the mission laid out by Milton and Catherine Hershey. To build on the milestones from the previous two years, 2022-23 featured developments at Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning (CHS), the continued evolution of the Career and Technical Education program, and more opportunities to grow the school.

Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning

CHS achieved milestones on the way to providing early childhood education opportunities in Pennsylvania.

  • Announced the locations for three future centers in Lancaster City, New Danville, and Elizabethtown
  • Broke ground at CHS Harrisburg
  • Continued construction of CHS Hershey, which opened in the fall of 2023

Career and Technical Education Program

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure our students graduate from MHS and go on to live fulfilling and productive lives, the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program has evolved to help us meet the hiring needs of in-demand, family-sustaining careers. The newly constructed D. Michael Weller Trades Center was dedicated in April 2023 and now provides space and resources for students in the Construction/Carpentry career pathway. During the 2022-23 school year, students in the pathway built a tiny house in the Trades Center which is now available to rent at Hersheypark Camping Resort.

D. Michael Weller Trades Center MHS students welding
Having an authentic work experience like this will take me far.
Edwin Villanueva Class of 2023
78 students completed internships at Hershey entities/community partners in 2022-23

Hershey Community Building

MHS acquired the iconic Hershey Community Building in downtown Hershey to support the school as it expands to serve more children. The building will provide offices and meeting space for the school, while the historic Hershey Theatre will continue to provide cultural and educational programs and events. In the future, the Hershey and MHS Archives will also be moved into this building. Most recently, the building was used by The Hershey Company as corporate offices.

We are thrilled to be able to keep this beloved building in the Hershey family, and to repurpose it to enable a brighter future for the children we serve.
Pete Gurt ’85 MHS President

MILT Plan Achievements

Modeling Character and Well-Being

  • Elevated student academic and behavioral expectations by practicing daily habits aligned to our founders’ values set forth in the Deed of Trust
  • Broadened opportunities for students to develop healthy social skills, model character, and address well-being through leadership conferences, forums, and social and emotional learning skill building groups
  • Completed more than 2,000 community service projects to give back to School, country, and God
  • Expanded the M.O.L.D. program, including our partnership with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

Innovating Career-Focused Education

  • Strengthened career-focused education opportunities with the help of MHS staff and the Hershey entities. Programming included Elementary Division Career Mondays, Middle Division BizTown and Career Nights, and Senior Division authentic work experiences
  • Prior to graduation, 73% of seniors obtained an authentic work experience, internship, or co-op
  • Celebrated CTE achievements including 100% certification attainment for the Class of 2023
  • Achieved recognition for several state awards, including our culinary program’s eighth championship at the Pennsylvania ProStart Invitational since 2016

Leveraging Impact

  • Achieved peak enrollment target of 2,000 students (actual was 2,020 students)
  • Secured the school record for applications submitted in one month in May 2023 (852 applications)
  • Collaborated with Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning in year two of the Early Childhood Education Initiative:
    • Hired staff for the Hershey and Harrisburg Centers
    • Advanced research and evaluation planning with the University of Pittsburgh and SRI International
    • Received more than 1,000 applications for enrollment at CHS Hershey
    • Met construction benchmarks for future Center sites
  • Reopened and rededicated Founders Hall after years of renovations

Teamwork to Strengthen Community Alignment and Engagement

  • Developed a Home Life Leadership Academy to expand Home Life leadership opportunities and strengthen support for houseparents
  • Enhanced Family Engagement Center and divisional programming which resulted in highest parent/sponsor satisfaction rating in last five years
  • Strengthened MHS Alumni Association and alumni engagement to support recruiting efforts, on-campus programs, and young graduate mentoring
  • Hosted the Coalition of Residential Excellence’s national conference in Founders Hall