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Tim Quade ’86

Tim Quade ’86 summarizes his experience at Milton Hershey School in one word: family.

“Milton Hershey School was a true Godsend for me,” Tim said. “My mother was on welfare, and I always say that the best thing she ever did in my whole life was sending me to the School.”

Tim grew up in Lancaster city. He enrolled at MHS as a fifth-grader and learned very quickly what it means to work hard, something he says helped shape him.

“[Mr. Hershey] had failures, but he kept going,” he said. “If you keep on with life, seek to do good, and be a positive member of society, I would like to think that’s what he cared about and the things he wanted to see happen in my life.”

Tim says he can’t imagine what his life would be like had he not enrolled at MHS.  He says with confidence that he would not be the same person he is today.

“If you have a child in need, and you are struggling to raise them in a safe environment with a good education, Milton Hershey School is the absolute best place for children,” he said. “Children need a good education. I’m a firm believer that MHS has given me everything I need and more.”

Tim is the owner and operator of Heaven on Earth Lawn Care in Lancaster, PA.

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