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Katie Muir ’18

Katie Muir ’18 enrolled at Milton Hershey School on August 2, 2008, from Clearfield, Pennsylvania. As a third-grader coming from a low-income background, she brought with her a vision of success and opportunity.

She credits the school for giving her a strong foundation in communication and soft skills that are helping her advance after graduation.

Since graduating in June 2018, Katie has been participating in an internship with Pennsylvania Senator Ryan Aument who works on education policy at the Capitol in Harrisburg. With the goal of effectively creating positive change in youth education around the world, there is no better place for her to learn.

During her internship with the PA Senate, Katie has been a part of multiple projects such as the production and discussion of research for Senate resolutions, potential amendments, and responses to constituents. She has also had the opportunity to sit in on committee meetings with Senator Aument.

“This internship has taught me how to better advocate and to show people their voice matters,” she said.

Katie on MHS campus

Thanks to her strong network at MHS and experience within the school’s Law, Public Safety, and Security career pathway, Katie had a strong foundation of skills that she applied throughout her internship. During her junior year, she prepared a presentation on a bill and lobbied to a Pennsylvania State Senator as to why they should vote to support or oppose it. Along with her summer internships at the Melrose Extended School Year program, Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg, and Pennsylvania Technical Training and Assistance, as well as her time on the school’s Mock Trial team, Katie was more than prepared to begin this new experience.

Having lacked a strong education prior to coming to MHS, education is no longer an interest for her – it’s a priority.

“Knowledge is the most effective tool a person can have,” she said.

From when she was just six years old playing “school” with her siblings to winning Education First’s “Best of Peru Summit” award for her detailed and compelling video on the global non-profit she created, Katie has always been passionate about changing the world through education.

Katie’s internship is not only preparing her for the 21st-century workforce but giving the skills that will set her apart as she goes on to attend the University of Pennsylvania to study international relations and economics. She dreams of potentially joining global humanitarian groups or becoming the Secretary of Education. Katie knows that MHS, the place that fostered her dreams, will be there to support her every step of the way.

“Even if I can’t see a way through something, I know I have the mentors and the network here [at MHS] to help me feel supported.”

Katie and her mentor, Christine Fisher

Katie and her mentor, Christine Fisher, who is a Spanish teacher at MHS.


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