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Celeste, an MHS senior, wrote a letter to her senior year.

A Letter to My Senior Year

By Celeste, a senior at MHS

Dear Senior Year,

How did you sneak up on me so quickly? Didn’t I just get lost in Senior Hall North when I was supposed to be in Copenhaver? Wasn’t I just introducing myself to the place I would call home for the next four years? I could have sworn I just went to my first Friday night football game. But here you are. You’re making me remember what’s important, and making me realize what I’ve forgotten.

I don’t remember how I did on that English exam, but I certainly remember going back to the student home after school and the chats my roommate and I used to have about our days, our family, and our lives.

Now that you’re here, Senior Year, I’ve been forced to reflect on these moments that passed without a second thought. These memories mean so much more than the social studies project I spent three long nights on. So if I had to give one piece of advice to the people who will face you after me it’s this: Don’t let an education be your only reason for coming to MHS. Make those small inside jokes one of your reasons. Make the meaningful talks another reason. Cherish those small moments while you can.

And here you are, Senior Year. You are bringing me my last opportunity to create memories. I’ve been asked how to prepare for you, but the truth is, I don’t know. You’re an obstacle I have yet to tackle that comes with so many unknowns, but I’m coming in with a goal.

I’m going to make every moment count. I’m going to put my best foot forward as soon as I walk in your doors. I’m going to create memories.

My question to you is: How do I make you last? How do I slow down time so you don’t pass in a blur?

A group of MHS students prepare for their senior year during a writing workshop.

I’m going to take it day by day. I’ll use you to make as many connections as I can because the truth is, I won’t want to take that leap into the unknown that is inevitable. I’ll despise losing the people I’ve developed so many connections with, but that’s the thing isn’t it? I won’t lose them.

I’ve made connections so strong that they can’t be broken by distance or time. I may not see people from MHS for years on end, but they’ll be there. We’ll invite each other to graduations, weddings, and even baby showers because you’ve strengthened us. They’ll be the long-lost brother, sister, father, mother, and friend. They are the people I might not see for years, but I can talk with like we just saw each other yesterday. All because you, Senior Year, have allowed us to.

You will be my biggest accomplishment so far. You will be the most difficult thing I face, and Senior Year, I’ll make you the best you can be.



Celeste  enrolled at MHS in eighth  grade from Monaca, Pennsylvania. 

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