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Multimedia Support Technician

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JOB ID: 22000193

Hershey, PA
Job Category: Information Technology

Milton Hershey School (MHS) is seeking a full-time on-site Multimedia Support Technician to support campus multimedia equipment and systems.  MHS is a cost-free pre-K through 12th grade home and school in Hershey PA for lower-income students. Founded in 1909, the campus consists of over 250 residential, academic, and business buildings. MHS owns and maintains an underground coax and fiber-based cable TV distribution system which is co-supported by Comcast. This system is used to provide cable TV service to the school as well as to provide personal Comcast services to employees that live in campus housing.

  • 240+ classrooms on campus with a combination of LED TV’s and smartboards are utilized for presenting and instruction
  • 3 primary auditoriums and 2 small theaters, each with advanced multimedia systems
  • 60+ meeting/conference rooms on campus, each with multimedia systems for presenting
  • 20+ digital signs
  • A variety of audio and video systems for Scholastic and Athletic use (gymnasiums, pools, band rooms, football stadium, etc.)

Responsibilities are: 

  • Maintain existing multimedia systems:
    • Perform preventative maintenance to help avoid issues and ensure smooth operation of all systems
    • Troubleshoot and resolve all technical problems in a timely and professional manner
    • Coordinate with outside vendors for additional technical support when necessary
    • Maintain appropriate levels of spare parts for common issues so repairs can be made efficiently
  • Facilitate the use of campus multimedia systems and services
    • Discuss needs with event organizers to ensure full understanding of what is required from a multimedia perspective. For example, which rooms and systems will be used, what dates and times are the rooms needed, in what capacity will the systems be used, and what level of support is required?
    • Setup rooms and systems in advance of events and perform testing to ensure the systems are ready for the events
    • Facilitate the use of multimedia systems during events, as needed, to ensure they run smoothly
  • Assist with the design and implementation of new multimedia systems and services
    • Assist the Multimedia Systems Specialist with the design and implementation of new multimedia systems. New systems are designed and installed as part of construction projects (when existing buildings are renovated and when new buildings are being constructed), and as part of other operating and capital projects that are managed by IT, where old multimedia systems are being upgraded or new systems are being installed. 
    • Meet with program advocates. Understand needs. Explore options. Discuss solutions with vendors. Complete designs. Assist with installations. Ensure final system meets the design criteria. Assist with installation issues or challenges.


  • High School diploma and vocational or other technical training, certification, or apprenticeship in the field of multimedia technology.
  • Minimum of 1-3 years of experience implementing and supporting multimedia technologies
  • Technical knowledge and experience supporting common business multimedia equipment, systems, and their operation
  • Technical knowledge and experience with setting up and supporting basic residential multimedia systems
  • Technical knowledge and experience using live production equipment/systems and running live events
  • Technical knowledge and experience using and supporting multimedia control systems
  • Experience designing and implementing multimedia systems
  • General understanding of data networking concepts
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience using Microsoft Office software
  • Good hearing and eyesight
  • Experience with using multimedia editing software
  • Ability to learn new concepts quickly
  • Ability to form strong business relationships with employees and students
  • All MHS employees are expected to demonstrate a high level of integrity, positive spirit, mutual respect, and commitment to our mission 
  • Employees are expected to participate in the life of our students to help enhance their education and provide meaningful experiences

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Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

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