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High School Building Substitute Teacher – One Year

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JOB ID: 22000180

Hershey, PA
Job Category: Teacher

Milton Hershey School (MHS) is seeking a One Year Full-time High School Building Substitute Teacher to assist through the 2022-2023 school year.  It is anticipated that instruction will take place in-person, but requires the flexibility to teach virtually, if needed. Building Substitutes are a full-time position in which teachers are assigned to classrooms where teachers are absent or where coverage is otherwise needed.  Building Substitutes cover classrooms in all grades (9 through 12) and all content areas.  

The Building Sub may cover multiple different classes in the same day and assist with a variety of other responsibilities throughout the school.  Building Substitutes may be in co-teaching assignments or fill supplementary classroom support roles.    


Building Substitutes ensure that a high-quality education is maintained during their time with the students.  They maintain continued academic rigor despite the change of personnel.  In most cases, lesson plans are provided by the classroom teacher.  In longer term assignments, the Building Substitute will develop lesson plans and assessments to ensure students’ instruction remains consistent.  Lessons are to be based on PA Common Core Standards while creating an engaging classroom with meaningful, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate instruction.  Assessments are to be formative and summative and should lend themselves to differentiated instruction, as well as accommodate individual student and whole group needs. 


MHS teachers collaborate with fellow faculty and other staff to ensure a whole child approach is taken to student development.  They also are responsible for supporting School initiatives such as social & emotional learning and health & wellness.  MHS teachers are required to schedule and complete an additional duty to their teaching schedules.  Tutoring is also expected of the role.    




  • Bachelor’s degree in Education.
  • PA (or other state) Teacher Certification.  Multiple certifications preferred, particularly in tested content areas and/or learning support.
  • Successful instructional experience with diverse high school students from lower-income settings preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully adapt to a wide variety of classroom settings and work with multiple stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated success in creating engaging, relevant, and meaningful lessons.
  • Demonstrated success utilizing data to drive instruction and differentiate instruction.
  • Demonstrated skills in applying current trends in education including utilizing technology.
  • Demonstrated skills in utilizing various teaching strategies to increase student capabilities including critical thinking and life skills.
  • Co-teaching skills are a plus.  Flexibility, teamwork, and skills in collaboration are required.  
  • Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills are also required.  Flexibility is essential.  
  • Must demonstrate a high degree of integrity as all MHS staff are role models for students.    
  • Must demonstrate a high degree of commitment.  MHS desires candidate who are “all in” and are eager to actively engage with students beyond the classroom.  









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