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This opportunity could be life-changing

Milton Hershey School sets students up for success—while you’re here and when you graduate. And it’s been free of cost since 1909 when Milton Hershey and his wife Catherine used their fortune to create the school.

If you want to perform on stage, swim in Olympic-sized pools, and create robots in science labs, there’s opportunity around every corner of our gorgeous campus. You can even learn on our on-site farm and receive career training. Everything from meals to housing to medical and dental care is fully covered.

And when you graduate, we help you thrive in whatever path you choose. Whether it’s college, trade school, or something else entirely, we’ll help you get there.

MHS students get an unbeatable educationLearn differently here

At Milton Hershey School, the educational opportunities are endless. Our STEAM-based curriculum (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) lets you learn from impactful teachers in small classrooms. We offer foreign language and advanced courses and even give you your own MacBook or iPad.

You can also experience hands-on training in culinary arts, health science, automotive, and more through our award-winning Career and Technical Education program. Graduate with real work experience and certifications in one of 12 different career pathways.

Extra-special extracurriculars

Whatever you’re passionate about, we probably have it


We field 11 competitive sports teams (plus intramurals) in world-class facilities. We even have six swimming pools, a hockey rink, and a world-class fitness center. All that’s missing is you.

Visual and performing arts

Our Visual and Performing Arts program lets you explore your passions. You can perform in full-length theater productions, play in one of three bands, learn photography, dance ballet and jazz, practice a new instrument, and more. What will you try?

Leadership and community service

Whether you want to volunteer at a local senior center, embark on an educational or language immersion trip around the world, or join the Scouts, there are plenty of opportunities to give back to the community.

“After all, what good is money unless you use it for the benefit of the community and of humanity in general?”

-Milton S. Hershey

MHS is a home away from home.

Support everywhere you turn

Milton Hershey School is so much more than a boarding school. It’s a true home away from home. You’ll live in a caring environment with students your age and have dedicated houseparents to nurture and care for you. They’ll help you feel safe, supported, and empowered to take advantage of every opportunity while you’re here. And if you’re ever missing home, we make it easy to keep in touch and stay connected.

See how Andre Sumler ’17 took his passion for music to new heights at Milton Hershey School. 

Set yourself up for success at MHS.

Your future starts here

When you graduate from Milton Hershey School, we help you thrive in whatever path you choose. Whether it’s college, trade school, or something else entirely, we’ll help you get there.

We have dedicated career counselors to help you decide what you want to do in the next chapter your life—and guide you through each step of the process. And it doesn’t stop after you graduate. You’ll benefit from a lifetime of mentorship and support from Milton Hershey School, and be in good company with more than 10,000 alumni.

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Interested in joining the MHS family?

Before you can apply to Milton Hershey School, you need the blessing of a legal parent or guardian. Download or share the document below, which gives them plenty of information on who we are and what we do.

Milton Hershey School does not discriminate in admissions or other programs and services on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, sex, religious creed or disability. View full Equal Opportunity Policy.