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Behind The Lens

Visual Media Manager/ Office of Communications

There’s a sign in my office that simply says, “Life is a Picture in Motion,” and for the past six years I’ve been privileged to capture life at Milton Hershey School.

Documenting and sharing amazing moments is the most rewarding part of being the School’s Visual Media Manager, and I get to do it every day.

Some days that moment can be an MHS Admissions counselor calling a parent/sponsor who is crying with joy, to let them know their child has been accepted at Milton Hershey School.

It’s a phone call that changes lives

Other days, it’s standing on the rainy sidelines of Henry Hershey Field during the Cocoa Bean Game, and sharing the team’s joy as it spills out onto the field to hoist the trophy and coaches high.

It’s a win that proves grit and determination can mean more than pure athletic ability

Or it could be a moment spent standing beside a curious and hopeful first grader, as he reads aloud a letter from Santa telling the boy how much he loves him

It’s an answer to the boy’s only Christmas wish

The locations of each of these moments were different, but they were still special. One took place in an administrative red brick building, full of chatter, dial tones and the smell of coffee.

The football game played out in a 7,000-seat stadium, on a bright green field, watched from slippery stands and soaked in the smell of hot chocolate and sweat.

And Santa’s message to the quiet boy was delivered in a whisper, inside a building where drawings of reindeer hung on the wall, and the smell of candy canes stuck to the sticky hands of the students.

I was fortunate to have had a front row seat for each of these stories. I often say my job allows me to experience what most people only get to watch online, and the part that excites me most is that moments like the ones I mentioned are never ending. Each day brings another chance to discover more about this amazing home and school, and the children who live here. And if I’m doing my job well, you get to “feel” it too, even if it’s on a small screen on your desk or on a device in the palm of your hand.Student acting in front of camera

A camera, a microphone and a tripod are the main tools that I use to do my job… the camera records the images, the microphone collects the sound and the tripod keeps me steady.

But to students and staff, I hope that I’m more than just “that guy with the camera.” I hope they see me as the man who shares their stories and tells their tales.

If you would like to see some of the stories that I’ve had the pleasure to produce about Milton Hershey School, check out our YouTube Channel.

Soon you’ll be able to see another feature there. I’m about ready to grab my gear, and head out to a local stream, where our elementary students will be stocking trout. I’ll be fishing for comments and casting for memories, in hopes of creating a memorable fish tale.

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