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Tanya Baynham: Milton Hershey School Vice President of Graduate Programs for Success Division

Tanya Baynham, Vice President of Graduate Programs for Success Division

Milton Hershey School Work

Tanya Baynham is Milton Hershey School's Vice President of Graduate Programs for Success Division.Tanya Baynham is Vice President of Graduate Programs for Success Division at Milton Hershey School. Leading the charge, Tanya was instrumental in the development and launch of Milton Hershey School’s college and career readiness and postsecondary support program, which serves over 1,000 low-income high school students, 550 first-generation college students, and thousands of young alumni. Since starting the program, MHS college persistence rates have increased from an average of 74% to 80%.

In her current role at Milton Hershey School, Tanya and her team of professionals are responsible for college and career readiness programming, postsecondary support for graduates, scholarship and financial aid benefits, career services, and alumni relations.

Previous Experience

Before her current role, Tanya Baynham was previously the curriculum supervisor of global studies at Milton Hershey School. She began her career as a middle school language arts teacher and later, was promoted to middle school principal, where she increased retention rates and state test results, ranking Milton Hershey School in the top 10% of Pennsylvania.

As a leader in graduate programs, Tanya has hosted and spoken on several panels including the annual College Board Conference, facilitated by the Arts & Science Group, focused on how organizations can help students overcome systemic barriers within the education system.

More Information

Read more about Tanya Baynham’s professional and volunteer experiences on LinkedIn.

Professional Experience

  • Vice President of Graduate Programs for Success, Milton Hershey School
  • Curriculum Supervisor of Global Studies
  • Middle School Principal
  • Language Arts Teacher


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