Joseph McDonald

Joseph F. McDonald ’55 is a retired assistant superintendent. E-7100-E01E1505He had a rewarding career in education spanning nearly five decades. He taught in elementary and high school, served as a vice principal, principal and assistant superintendent. He also had the privilege of teaching overseas in Athens, Greece; Santiago, Chili; and London, England. One of President Pete Gurt’s goals in his 2020 Vision Plan is to provide students with enriching international service and education experience.

“Milton Hershey School taught me responsibility, respect and how to have a good work ethic,” McDonald said. “I didn’t think much of those traits as a student, but when I look back and saw what my teachers, houseparents and others were attempting to do for me, I realized I am very lucky individual to have had Milton Hershey School as my home.”

McDonald remains active, volunteering in his community and participating in a number of professional organizations.

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