Jason Brown

From a young age, Milton Hershey School was a place of opportunity for Jason Brown ’99 and his twin brother. MHS had fresh air, comfort and sports teams — things he and his brother didn’t experience before attending the school.

“MHS gave me an opportunity to think of what my future could be and embark on that at an early age,” Jason said. “I think that’s an opportunity a lot of people don’t get. I’m very fortunate for that.”

After finding his passion for art and marketing at MHS, Jason graduated and attended University of Pennsylvania where he majored in digital design and communications. He also attended the University of London and received a certificate in international advertising. Jason eventually decided to pursue a master’s degree in international business from Saint Joseph’s University, which led him to product development and marketing management positions at various companies and agencies in Philadelphia.

Jason currently serves as the President/CEO of Databanx, a full-service marketing agency specializing in corporate communications, branding and packaging, user interface design, and custom technology solutions.

Jason remembers how much his teachers, houseparents, and MHS brothers and sisters invested in his future: “[They saw me] grow into a career in art and marketing that I didn’t see, and they invested their time so I could get to know who I was and feel confident about who I was.”

Watch Jason’s success story:

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