Brad Hicks

Brad Hicks is a 1996 graduate of Milton Hershey School. He calls going to MHS a “game changer.” He said, “without MHS I would never have been able to achieve what I have in life, probably following most of my childhood friends in the wrong direction.”

Hicks works for CSD Engineers in Pittsburgh, Pa. He’s responsible for sales and marketing, specifically at the corporate office in western Pa. When he left MHS, he went to Waynesburg College to study computer science. After college, he went into the IT world  which  led him to CSD Engineers.

What’s his advice for future MHS students? Hicks says working hard and studying hard are very important, but he says you need to make sure you take time to build friendships and experience life.

“The friends you have at Milton Hershey truly are there for the rest of your life.”




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