Andre Wright

As the youngest of six children in his family, Andre Wright ’90 enrolled at Milton Hershey School in fifth grade when his mother started noticing more violence in the area they lived.

“It was life-altering and life-changing in so many ways,” Andre explained as he described his time at MHS.

After graduation, Andre attended York College of Pennsylvania and received his bachelor’s degree in construction project management. He also attended University of Hawaii at Manoa to study international business, trade and tax law. He served as construction manager for several companies before founding MnA Facilities Management with his wife.

Andre credits MHS for teaching him the importance of structure, discipline and investing the time to do something the right way. MHS also helped him develop lifelong friendships.

“Friends were made forever. There’s no one outside the MHS family that can really appreciate everything [we] went through.” Andre said. “When I went there, I had 5 siblings. When I graduated, I had 9,000 siblings. That’s the best way to describe it… It’s a brotherhood — it’s a family.”

Watch Andre’s success story:

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