Algene Sajery

As a Milton Hershey School graduate, Algene Sajery ’95 not only gained a second family—she grew to love philanthropy.

When she graduated from MHS in 1995, Algene went to college in Washington D.C. where she became interested in public policy. During graduate school, she completed a policy internship at the U.S. Capitol and she’s been there ever since. She now serves as the Democratic Policy Director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and enjoys the fast-paced, altruistic nature of her work.

“I enjoy being able to work for people who are interested in helping others around the world,” said Algene. “I work on global poverty issues, and I think the spirit of philanthropy and altruism is instilled in me through the work and legacy of Milton and Catherine Hershey.”

As someone who is passionate about giving back to others, Algene says her commitment to service was sparked by the good nature of the people at MHS.

“I was someone who benefited from people who had the spirit of giving back. I grew up in a very tough environment,” she explained. “I benefited from the good heart and good nature of other people, and it gave me a sense of commitment to helping others.”

Algene continues to keep in touch with her houseparents and teachers from MHS, as well as lifelong friends who she talks to at least twice a week.

“The friendships I developed at Milton Hershey School have lasted over 20 years. They’re more than just friendships. Those people are my family.”

Watch Algene’s success story:

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