Alex Heider

Alex Heider graduated in 2008 from Milton Hershey School. He is currently a photojournalist for WCNC-TV, the NBC news affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina. Alex credits his time at MHS for helping him find his passion for storytelling.

At the age of 11, while living in Johnstown, Pa., Alex’s father died of a massive heart attack. Just three days later, on the morning of his father’s funeral, Alex’s grandfather died. Within one week, 11 year-old Alex was a pallbearer at both of their funerals.

His aunt learned about MHS from a commercial on the radio. “Even after coming and looking at the school I was determined that I didn’t want to go,” Alex said.

But it was at MHS that Alex found his passion. Like other students, Alex studied a Career Technical Pathway, focusing on Electronic Media and Journalism.  He worked on Spartan TV and just weeks after graduation, he went to work at a TV station in Harrisburg, Pa.

Alex says he knew he didn’t need to go to college after graduation. “College isn’t for everyone. I had the skills (from MHS) to do what I wanted to do. I would not be here, have the job I have, without the school.”

Watch Alex’s success story:

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