Transferring to Another School/Changing Majors

Even though our College & Career Counselors do much advanced planning with students in regards to their Graduation Plan and finding the “right fit” in a post-secondary school, occasionally students wish to transfer schools or change majors. The CES program will support graduates who have  sound reasons   for transferring or changing majors,  as long as the majority of the college credits the CES program previously funded at the prior school(s), or in the prior major, also transfer! See the table below for required minimum transfer credits:

Number of Semesters
Paid using CES Funds
1 2 3 4 5 6
Minimum Number of
Transfer Credits Needed
12 24 36 48 63 78

The original criteria for CES approval also apply to any transfer request (see Approved Graduation Plan):

  • Family/Milton Hershey School Support
  • Post-Secondary School Support Services
  • Post-Secondary School Visit
  • Course of Study
  • Financial Feasibility
  • High School Performance Matrix

Approval for a transfer/major change must come from the College & Career Counselor and Financial Aid Coordinator.  All initial requests  should be made through the College & Career Counselor. A good source of college and transfer information can be found through The College Board.

General Procedures for Transferring:

  • Mid-year transfers for 1st year students are prohibited. First year students have the option of staying at the same college through the spring term, stopping out of college for the spring term, or paying for the spring term at a new college on their own;
  • Mid-year transfers for upperclassmen students are strongly discouraged due to the challenges involved with the timing of transferring credits, financial aid, and the payment of bills. Special approval for an upperclass  mid-year transfer is needed from the College & Career Counselor and Financial Aid Coordinator;
  • Apply to the new school at least TWO months in advance of desired enrollment term;
  • Add the new school to your FAFSA – contact the Financial Aid Office for their Federal School Code;
  • Complete a CES Transfer Application form at least TWO months in advance of desired enrollment term at the new school. The CES Transfer Application must be returned to Transition Services along with the following forms (by December 1st for Spring transfers and July 1st for Fall transfers):
    • Acceptance Letter
    • Financial Aid Award Letter
    • Transfer Credit Evaluation
  • Submit all other required CES forms (Release Form, Student Data Sheet, Official Academic Transcripts, etc.) as usual.

Your transfer or change of major MUST BE APPROVED in writing before any CES funds will be disbursed on your behalf. Students who are not transferring the minimum number of required credits will not have their transfer request approved and will have to pay for their schooling on their own until achieving the minimum credit requirement OR stay at their current school.

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