Academic Progress

Ongoing CES support is dependent upon students demonstrating, through good academic performance, that they are deserving of Milton Hershey School’s investment in their education. Students need to be earning good grades towards their degree at a full-time pace to remain eligible for CES funds.  All credits  taken must go towards the student’s degree. Students are required to meet the MINIMUM ACADEMIC STANDARDS below to receive ongoing CES support:

  • Maintain a  minimum 2.00 term and cumulative GPA;
  • Successful completion of  12 new credits/term  for students attending 2-year colleges or tech schools*


  • Successful completion of  15 new credits/term  for students attending 4-year colleges

*NOTE:   Students signing  4-Year Acknowledgement agreements  with Milton Hershey School realize that their CES funds will not stretch far enough to pay for more than 4 years of college (8 semesters) at the school they have chosen. These students do not have CES funds to pay for summer courses or an extra semester. 

Students who are not meeting the minimum academic benchmarks will have their CES eligibility reviewed by MHS’s Academic Standards Committee. The Academic Standards Committee will review a student for placement on either  Academic Probation  or  Academic Suspension.

Students falling just short in one academic standard will be placed on  Academic Probation.  Academic Probation means a student will continue to receive CES funds for the probationary term only, but must achieve the minimum GPA and credits passed requirements in order to not have CES funds suspended. Students achieving the minimum requirements will be removed from probation at the end of the term.  Students not achieving the minimum requirements will have their CES funds temporarily suspended until they achieve these requirements on their own.

Students falling significantly short in one academic standard, or short in both academic standards, will be placed on  Academic Suspension.  Academic Suspension means students temporarily lose CES funding until they meet the required minimum academic standards on their own or with the help of standard financial aid resources (grants, scholarships, loans, work-study).

Students placed on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension will be notified in writing (mail or email) by Graduate Programs for Success.  This written notification will outline the procedures necessary to be removed from probation or suspension. 


The CES program will NOT replace any federal, state, or college grants or scholarships lost due to missed deadlines, incomplete verification, low GPAs, non-attendance, and other situations that are the responsibility of the student and his/her family. Students will need to pay for grants and scholarships lost for these reasons with their own earnings, savings, or via student/private loans.

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