TL Curriculum

The Transitional Living curriculum is a series of functional areas where students learn basic concepts and information and apply the material to a part of their every day life. The program is designed to have students participate in experiential learning opportunities that are both purposeful and unplanned.

TL - 17

TL Economy

  • The TL Economy is a mock bill-paying system used as a tool within the Transitional Living program. Through the TL Economy, students will begin to see how their actions directly affect their finances. The program also reinforces the life lesson that nothing is free, everything is earned.


  • The TNT program exists to encourage physical activity and fitness for our students. This program teaches students that one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is staying physically active.

Junior Workshops

  • The Junior workshops are designed to create a holistic educational opportunity for young men and women that will prepare them for a successful and productive senior year.  The program is designed to provide a smooth transition from the student home life to the Transitional Living experience.  This will serve as the foundation for the continued learning opportunities that students will receive throughout their senior year.

Senior WorkshopsTL - 25

  • The Senior workshop program maximizes internal and external resources to provide dynamic workshops in key areas of development so students make healthy and educated decisions during their senior year and throughout their lives. These key areas include money management, healthy relationships, sexual health, drug and alcohol abuse, safety, and college readiness.

Spartan Cup

  • The Spartan Cup program exists to encourage team building, camaraderie, and fosters a collective effort towards building a healthy Senior Class.

RA Program

  • The mission of the RA program is to develop young men and woman with active and creative minds with a sense of understanding and compassion for others. We will promote leadership values that will carry on into life after Milton HersheyTL - 08 School with real world application in college and the workforce.

Healthy Homes

  • The Healthy Homes program is a ten-month budget-conscious nutrition program focused on educating students on proper meal planning, nutritious foods, portion control, and grocery shopping.

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