Spartan Family Network Video Library

The Spartan Family Network holds discussion group meetings to strengthen parent/sponsor connections with Milton Hershey School. View the informational videos below to learn about what happens at network meetings, how you can support your student and what it means to be a Spartan Sponsor.

 The Spartan Family Network

Spartan Family Network events give parent/sponsors a chance to become more involved in campus happenings and create bonds with other MHS families. Learn more about how to get involved with The Spartan Family Network.

Making the Transition from High School to College

MHS staff and graduates meet with professionals from Lehigh University to offer tips to parents who want to help their students transition from high school to college.

Being a Spartan Sponsor

Jay Garvey talks about what it means to be a Spartan Sponsor and provides skills, tools and ideas for supporting your students while they attend MHS.

Carrie Long’s Story

Children who live and learn at Milton Hershey School are given the tools and opportunities to create a better future. They aren’t the only ones who can achieve a brighter future. MHS parents and sponsors also can take steps to further their own education, because of the care the school delivers to their children.

 Parent/sponsor Carrie Long experienced years of setbacks. She enrolled three of her children at MHS and it was during those first few months that she realized she could change her life for the better. Carrie is currently a student at a local community college and is working hard to gain a nursing degree. Hear more about her success story in the video below.

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