Home Life Contact Information

Our Home Life staff members help nurture and support students so they can thrive in and out of the classroom. They are also the direct connection to our amazing families, keeping them up-to-date with their child’s progress, with many using social media and other outlets to post photos and updates.

A staff of Home Life Directors and Administrators ensures that houseparents have access to the training, development, and support they need to nurture each child in their care consistently and effectively. 

Home Life Programs & Student Safety, Senior Director – Tim Wasielewski

Administrative Assistant – Kathy Hoch (717) 520-2603

Home Life Orientation & Training, Associate Director – Mike Grimm (717) 520-2939

Curriculum Supervisor, Character & Leadership Development for Social Emotional Readiness – Deanna Slamans

Administrative Assistant – Wanda Hurst (717) 520-2060

Home Life Support Specialist (P/T) – Eric Hufford

SGA Coordinator (P/T) – Michelle Weber

SENIOR DIVISION – (717) 520-2901 / (717) 520-2064

Home Life, Director – Sharon Hufford
Home Life, Associate Director – Lawrence Gaston
Home Life Administrators – Lande Ndebele, Randolph Menefee, Shawna Harrell, Mike Randolph, and Kelley Rusenko
Transitional Living, Associate Director – Laura Perales
Administrative Assistant – Charlene Ferrick (717) 520-2064
Senior Administrative Secretary – Dawn Stewart-Keane

MIDDLE DIVISION – (717) 520-2402 / (717) 520-3080

Home Life, Director – Phil Grimm
Home Life, Associate Director – DJ Hedrick
Home Life Administrators – Shane Gray, Mic Stewart, and Mark Watt, Nicole Scott, Tom Barkdoll
Senior Administrative Secretaries – Francis Bernier and Candace Knoll

ELEMENTARY DIVISION – (717) 520-2410

Home Life, Director – Robin Case
Home Life, Associate Director – Tom Robinson
Home Life Administrators – Scott Fasick, Myron McCurdy, and Fonati Ward
Senior Administrative Secretaries – Wendy Fahnestock

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