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From students and teachers, to houseparents, parents/sponsors and graduates…These are the voices that make up Milton Hershey School– All different perspectives, but all extraordinary. Each blogger has their own unique story about what brought them to the school, what keeps them at MHS and what impact they will have on the lives of others. Milton and Catherine Hershey left a generous gift more than 100 years ago. Find out how that gift lives on everyday in the lives of those at MHS.

Read the blogs behind This Is My MHS

  • MHS Professionals
    MHS Professionals
  • Student Voices
    Student Voices
  • Milt Memories: MHS History
    Milt Memories: MHS History
  • Clare Ogle: Houseparent
    Clare Ogle: Houseparent
  • MHS Environmental Center
    MHS Environmental Center
  • Tatiana: Alumni
    Tatiana: Alumni
  • Erik Niel: Houseparent
    Erik Niel: Houseparent
  • Kendra Dykes: Teacher
    Kendra Dykes: Teacher
  • Denise Witmer: Alumni
    Denise Witmer: Alumni
  • Behind The Lens
    Behind The Lens

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