Student Activities

Student Government Association

At Milton Hershey School leadership is emphasized for those students who exemplify their leadership qualities. Student Government Association is a group of active leaders representing the different grade levels at each school. SGA covers all aspects of MHS from athletics to academics, from homelife to student advocacy. The group of students help plan events and write proposals to present to administration the wants and needs of the student body. The leaders communicate with the administration to enhance the MHS experience, and are valued members of the student body.

National Honor Society

The Milton Hershey School Chapter of the National Honor Society is for juniors and seniors in high school that display excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, character and leadership.

These students must make honor roll with a 90% GPA or higher, serve the community and maintain solid character, as well as being recognized as a leader on and off campus. 

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands program provides high school students with the opportunity to display themselves as mentors to elementary students. The program assigns high school students to elementary student Homes, which they visit at least one hour a week. While visiting, the high school students help with cooking, cleaning, and watching the elementary students. This program is in correlation with providing the skills to enrich the whole child.

Religious Programs

Religious programs oversees the religious and character development of MHS students. Education in the Judeo-Christian faith, the heritage of the School’s founders, is part of the MHS program. Students have the opportunity to engage in hands on lessons about the Bible, develop relationships with their high school peers, sing and dance to worship music, and develop their faith.

The school encourages students to learn to love God and others, to give service to their community, and to live a morally upright life. Devotions are woven into their daily routine.

Programs that are offered that promote these aspects of our students character are:

  • The required, weekly, youth-oriented chapel service held each Sunday morning in our Founders Hall Auditorium from 9-10 am. This is for Middle and Senior Division students.  Junior Chapel for Elementary Division students is held in Memorial Hall, led by Senior Division students.
  • Student Home devotional program which takes place in the student home where students are led in an age appropriate devotional to stir thinking about God, spiritual things, and the students life and character.
  • “Off-campus worship” – Students are transported to various churches within Hershey in order to enable students to further develop their personal faith.  This program requires signed permission from the student’s sponsor in order for any student to participate. This attendance does not take the place of, but enhances the school’s Sunday morning chapel service.
  • Supplemental teaching by the Religious Programs staff in the student homes and in the classrooms.
  • Various other religious events designed to promote character and faith, such as but not limited to concerts, retreats, lectures, etc.

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