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There is Always Enough

Feeding twelve high school boys, a husband, a toddler and my food-loving infant is no short order. In a week, we typically go through 10-15 gallons of milk, 15-20 dozen eggs, 5-10 pounds of apples, 5 pounds of cheese, 3-6 pineapples, numerous loaves of bread, several pounds of vegetables, and lots and lots of starch! While I don’t know exactly how much food we consume in a given week, I do know one thing: there is always enough.

Sometimes I catch myself still feeling nervous that there might not be enough. Then I remember that we have never run out of food – we haven’t even come close.

As I look around the table each night, I see young men who are enjoying life together. Twelve wonderful young men who come from different backgrounds all join together around our dining room table and share a meal.

It’s hard to keep up with all twelve of them. There are sports, girls, school and home life situations. At times, it can be overwhelming to focus on the task at hand and think about not only physically feeding them, but feeding their emotions and spirits as well. How can I give each of them what they need? Since we believe this is a calling, not just a job, we rely on God to help us, be our strength and give us wisdom. Even though we may get overwhelmed and experience challenges, there is always enough love to go around.

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