Students' learning experiences are enhanced through the use of technology at Milton Hershey School.

Technology on Campus

The latest technology at your child’s fingertips

Milton Hershey School has   developed an Educational Technology Plan with the foundation of creating student-centered learning environments that are rich in problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Your child’s learning experience will be enhanced through the use of technology throughout his or her career at Milton Hershey School. In an ongoing effort to ensure our students are ready for life after graduation, MHS has integrated more technology into the curriculum to engage students, expand their learning and teach 21st-century skills necessary for postgraduate success. 

We have nearly 2,700 computers in classrooms, labs, libraries and student homes, with a dedicated IT department that makes sure students have access to updated technology and software. Elementary school students use iMac and MacBook  computers, while middle and high school students use a combination of Windows 7 operating system-based computers, iMacs and Mackbook Airs. 

Students' learning experiences are enhanced through the use of technology at Milton Hershey School.

Technology In the Classroom

Technology is a  tool that allows students to communicate and collaborate to solve real-world problems.    All  students in grades 11 and 12 are assigned a laptop computer, which is a vital tool for individual and group coursework, research, homework and communications. In grades 9 and 10, teams of students are guided in the use of wireless laptops in the classroom.

MHS has utilized more than 800   iPads across all schools to   assist with specific programs and enable teachers to use a wealth of learning-based applications (apps) to enhance the learning cycle. There are four state-of-the-art business classrooms for high  school students and a green screen for elementary  students.

A variety of supplemental devices are available such as  Smartboards, Apple TVs, digital microscopes, MakerBot 3D printers, document cameras, scanners and projectors.  We also have a core set of iPad apps which are focused on the development of critical thinking and providing a platform for students to communicate their learning.

The Learning Resources Center is available to support student achievement in a variety of ways: a two-story library; electronic databases for research; data ports and wireless access for student laptop computers; classroom software; a video-on-demand service and a distance learning computer lab. The Learning Resources Center also includes a Pearson Testing Lab for students to take their certification tests as well as classroom space for student collaboration.

Students' learning experiences are enhanced through the use of technology at Milton Hershey School.

Technology Training

MHS  continues to research and design opportunities for  houseparents and parents/sponsors to learn about important topics such as online safety and digital footprints of their students.  All students in grades 4-12 have Google Apps for Education Accounts to promote  student/teacher collaboration. Milton Hershey School also has  a focused plan to teach digital citizenship at each division.

The MHS Libraries strengthen the community by providing access to programs, information, services and materials to  meet the educational, curricular  and  enrichment needs of students and faculty. The libraries promote life-long learning and have a  variety of databases available, including  GALE, JSTOR, ProQuest, EBSCOhost and PA Power Library.

As our digital capacity expands and our training in technology use grows, our teachers and houseparents will have the tools  to meet the needs and interests of our students affirming  the commitment to the integration of technology into all curricular areas.


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