Elementary Division

Our elementary program is designed to help students in grades pre-kindergarten through fourth grade thrive through a rigorous academic and social-learning curriculum that provides them with a solid foundation for future education. Highly qualified teachers and houseparents support each student in reaching his or her full potential.

What are the benefits of MHS?

  • Pre-K and kindergarten students are in a class with no more than 15 students with full-day education.
  • Our teachers are  passionate, experienced and hold  advanced degrees, and they use current best practices in their classrooms.
  • Technology is seamlessly integrated into lessons to provide students with 21st century learning skills.

ElemStudent3We make sure your child is progressing by giving benchmark exams so we can see if they have the skills necessary for their grade level. Individualized attention to each student’s academic needs are reviewed for areas of strength and improvement. When students require extra academic support, learning assistance and/or tutoring is available.

Core instruction in math, reading, language arts, science and social studies are provided at every grade level. Students also are  instructed in dance, performing arts, music, art and leadership training. Fourth-grade students are given the opportunity to participate in instrumental lessons. Applying their knowledge to the world around them is also encouraged through the school’s horticultural center, interactions with Hershey corporate partners and community resources, and educational field trips.



Developing the whole child is essential to their success.

The learning continues during after-school hours. Teachers and houseparents collaborate to ensure students are reaching their potential socially and emotionally, as well as academically, making the student home a second learning environment. Students are involved in various after-school activities such as sports, student government, swimming instruction and scouting.

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