Continuing Education Scholarship

Rewarding dedicated students with higher education funding

At Milton Hershey School, it is important to see graduates continuing their education and leading productive and successful lives post-graduation.  On average, 90 percent of graduating seniors plan to pursue some type of postsecondary education to expand on the knowledge and skills learned at MHS.  With the opportunity to earn financial assistance for postsecondary education through the school’s  continuing education scholarship, (CES) program, college, art school, technical school and community college are within reach for graduating seniors.

At Milton Hershey School, our Continuing Education Scholarships help graduates continue their education and lead productive and successful lives.

The CES is essentially a partnership between the school and graduates to help fund higher education pursuits for those who continue to demonstrate the desire and ability to succeed in their post-secondary studies.

Transitional Support

MHS is committed to the students it serves, as well as its dedication to the alumni of the school. Support for students includes preparing them for the rigors of post-secondary education, college planning, and the application process. In addition, the school teaches them valuable life lessons, like financial literacy, household budgeting, basic cooking, time management and other practical instruction that leads to a more fulfilling, productive and successful life beyond MHS.

Support continues beyond graduation through the Alliance Schools program. Milton Hershey School has proactively collaborated with more than 70 institutions of higher learning to give MHS graduates access to dedicated and supportive staff members at each alliance school.

Additionally, college and career counselors remain connected to MHS alumni throughout their college years. Summer housing services also are available to MHS alumni throughout their college years.

*Full time study is equivalent towards one accredited, classroom-based (online degrees NOT supported) undergraduate program of at least nine months in length that leads to a diploma, certificate or degree 

If you are a graduate of MHS looking to access the MyCES login page, please click here.


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