Alliance Schools Program

Milton Hershey School wants students to be successful — both while they are at the school and also after they graduate. It is why MHS has formed partnerships with post-secondary institutions, including two-year colleges, four-year colleges, and technical schools.

The Alliance Schools program was established to provide the school’s graduates with support during their postsecondary education. MHS graduates have a dedicated staff member to work with at each of the alliance schools.

The schools in the MHS Alliance Schools Program make sure graduates have the support and resources they need for a successful educational experience so they can earn the degree or certificate needed for their chosen career.

Milton Hershey School has formed partnerships with two-year colleges, four-year colleges, and technical schools as part of the Alliance Schools Program.

MHS graduates who attend an Alliance School benefit from:

  • A staff member assigned to work with MHS staff and grads. This means more individualized attention for students in resolving their issues and helping them meet goals — and greater peace of mind for parents/sponsors.
  • Special programs developed by MHS and the Alliance Schools that allow students to experience a college environment and post-graduate life  before  they attend.
  • One financial aid representative assigned to MHS graduates to ensure that each student receives the maximum financial aid and Continuing Education Scholarship benefits.
  • Guaranteed housing for the student’s first two years or apartment referrals.
  • Early-start and summer preparation programs, when needed.
  • First-year adjustment/transition courses to increase achievement and retention.
  • Early-alert warning systems with academic guidance and intervention.
  • Mentoring programs with MHS alumni or the school’s upperclassmen.
  • Internships and part-time work opportunities.

For more information, contact Elizabeth McInnis Benito , Coordinator, Post-Secondary Partnerships, (717) 520-3306.

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