College and Career Readiness

Preparing students for the next step

Milton Hershey School has a deep commitment to helping students transition to what’s next in life after they receive their diploma. The goal of all graduates is to be ready to succeed personally and professionally.

From college planning to internships, the school’s trained staff is dedicated to making sure each student has the resources and preparation they need to feel confident in their career path and post-secondary life.


Once MHS students reach high school, there is a college & career staff of nine counselors who each have an area of focus.  One counselor works exclusively with ninth graders and also spends time at the middle school helping the 8th grade students with their transition to the high school. The remaining college and career counselors are assigned to one or more of the eleven career areas. These extensive staff resources ensure students always have someone looking out for their long-term goals.

Learning Life Skills

TL - 19

High school senior students reside in Transitional Living, a unique program developed to give seniors more independence so they can learn these crucial skills while still getting support and supervision. Students are trained their senior year in household budgeting, basic cooking, time management, financial literacy and more. To help make this happen, home life staff provide outside-the-classroom experience.

College Readiness


The Continuing Education Scholarship, funded by the school, earns qualified students money for college. A team of counselors is dedicated to helping with college planning, financial aid, and the application process. Counselors also maintain a partnership with more than 60 colleges and universities in the Milton Hershey School Alliance Program. Each Alliance school has a representative who is connected to and understands Milton Hershey School. This can help graduates get off to a successful start.

Career Readiness (Internships, Co-Ops, Job Shadowing)

Milton Hershey School students have the ability to participate in an extensive internship program, interning at a number of area companies as well as the Hershey partners. The school’s Cooperative Education Program puts seniors in a job in their chosen career path for half the day each day during their final year, helping them get a career certification in the process. And, the student work program allows students to get part-time employment during the summer, after school or on weekends within the Hershey area.


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