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Contact Information

Main Offices

Office of the President
President Peter Gurt ’85
(717) 520-2000

Vice President, Lisa Scullin, (717) 520-2213

Curriculum / Instruction
Senior Director, Freda Martine, (717) 520-2199

Human Resources
(717) 520-2300

Alumni Relations and Programs
Senior Director, Ralph Carfagno ’73, (717) 520-2035

Enrollment Management and Family Relations
Senior Director, Mark Seymour, (717) 520-2130 / (800) 283-0001
Director, Admissions, Danny Warner, (800) 322-3248
Coordinator, Family Relations/New Student Transitions, Jay Garvey, (800) 283-0001
Coordinator, Family Relations/New Student Transitions, Judy Smith, (800) 283-0001

(717) 520-2350

Information Technologies
(717) 520-2211

School History
Director, James D. McMahon, Jr., (717) 520-2009

Student Support Services
Executive Director, Dr. Beth J. Shaw, (717) 520-3069

Elementary Division
Division Head, Annette Cole-Gill, (717) 520-2416
Principal, Carol Schilling, (717) 520-2400
Assistant Principal, Matthew Campbell, (717) 520-2404
Director, Home Life, Robin Brantley-Case, (717) 520-2413
Coordinator, Student Health Services, Christopher Rich, (717) 520-3310

Middle Division
Division Head, Jeff Perales,  (717) 520-2752
Principal, Nadine Krempa,  (717) 520-2600
Assistant Principal, Nanette Huffman, (717) 520-2600
Assistant Principal, Greg Valentine, (717) 520-2600
Director, Home Life, Phil Grimm, (717) 520-3081
Coordinator, Student Health Services, Heather Teter, (717) 520-2264

Senior Division
Division Head, William “Skip” Weber, (717) 520-2806
Assistant Principal, Robert Ebert, (717) 520-2508
Assistant Principal, Nadine Krempa, (717) 520-2807
Director, Career/Technical Education & Transition Services, Robert Kemmery, (717) 520-2805
Director, Home Life, Sharon Hufford, (717) 520-3087
Associate Director, Transitional Life, Laura Perales, (717) 520-2967
Coordinator, Student Health Services, Cindy Kelly, (717) 520-2267

When  contacting Milton Hershey School staff, use the following mailing and shipping addresses:

Mailing Address:
Person’s Name/Title
Milton Hershey SchoolCampusVibrant
Department Name
P.O. Box 830
Hershey, PA 17033-0830

Shipping Address:
Person’s Name/Title
Milton Hershey School
Department Name
1201 Homestead Lane
Hershey, PA 17033

For additional assistance, call the main switchboard at (717) 520-2000.

When using a GPS, please enter East Governor Road and Meadow Lane for navigation to our main campus.

When traveling to Catherine Hall, please use 300 Hotel Road. The building is across the street from Hersheypark.

For athletic events, use 665 Brook Drive.

Milton Hershey School provides  reasonable accommodations   for persons with disabilities at special events sponsored by the School. Questions about the accessibility of programs and events, and requests for accommodations at School-sponsored events, should be directed to Campus Services and Central Monitoring (717-520-2647) at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to the event. Please note that the School does not provide wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

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